There are a lot of us that have that fear of being stung by a bee or hornet. You know why?  Because it hurts. Those big yellow jacket bees scare me as well. I was stung by quite a few growing up. They are yellow with white markings and have a lot of hair, and you can hear that scary loud buzz when they are close.

Do we have to be afraid of "murder hornets" now too? Nearly a year after they were found here in the U.S., they have found and gotten rid of a nest in Washington according to

Have you seen these things? They are so scary looking. I think I would rather be stung by a yellow jacket or bitten by a spider, or even bitten by a dog, than stung by one of these monsters. Here's a look at what they are like.

These beasts are not usually deadly to humans, but keep in mind they can cause anaphylactic shock with more then one sting. They earned the murderous title because they are deadly to bees and can knock out tens of thousands in a matter of hours.

So will these critters make their way to Michigan? It's to early to tell, but lets hope not.

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