At Delta College in Frankenlust Township - just north of Saginaw - loves bees and want more to make the campus their home.

(And, yes - let's stop here to celebrate the name "Frankenlust", which is giving me some ideas for my still-to-be-determined Halloween costume. The community is 170 years old and yet - this is the first I'm hearing about it?)

Back to our story.  According to, Linda Petee is the sustainability and risk management coordinator for Delta College. She's excited to report that the college has been designated as a "pollinator campus" by Bee Campus USA, which means they've made sure the gardens and flowers are right for helping bees.They'll be increasing the habitat to attract more bees.

Here's the thing - Linda is allergic to bee stings. So, she always carries an EpiPen with her and says if you don't bother them, "bees don't really bother you."

We've talked a lot about bees and wasps recently on the morning show. It all started with this story about how wasps get bad PR as compared to bees. Then Stephanie got stung by a wasp over the weekend. She probably won't be visiting Delta College anytime soon.


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