Animals make everything better. Am I right or am I right? They're there whenever you need them whether it's for a cuddle, a smile, or to get you through your work day. A UPS driver named Jay Hardesty has gone viral for taking pictures with the pups he meets on his delivery route. When I saw this article, I had to send it to my buddy who's a UPS driver in Macomb County. He's like, "Inside scoop, I bought my dog a UPS costume for Halloween." I mean, how perfect is that? He's going to be twinning with his dog, Luna, this year. Dressing up with your pet is always a great idea.

Everyone loves a cute pet costume. Maybe it's too late to try to find a costume for your fur babe this year, but you could always stock up for next year! Look at how cute some of these costumes are!

Halloween Pet Costumes

Pet person or not, you have to admit these are some of the cutest Halloween costumes you've ever seen. Are you dressing up your pet for Halloween this year? If not, what's your favorite pet costume you've seen? Download the app and send us a message!

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