Friday morning, the Michigan DNR put out a warning to anybody hunting or planning to hunt up in Oscoda Township, in Iosco County- specifically within five miles of Clark's Marsh. Their warning is to not eat any deer taken in that area or any venison already processed from deer in that area.

The problem with the venison seems to be the possible contaminated water deer are consuming in the area. The water may have been contaminated by substances called PFAS, which can be traced back to firefighting foam used by the Wurtsmith Air Force Base there, when it was operational. According to WXYZ-TV in Detroit, the Michigan Department of Health and Human Sciences tested some deer and found one with a high level of PFAS. This doesn't mean you can't hunt there - it just means you shouldn't eat the venison from any deer you shoot.

And it looks like this may be an ongoing problem and lead to more testing of deer in the future. Here's a good article from about what the problem is and how widespread it may be. This is not good - and it looks like many locations in Michigan are affected. In fact, if you've had some strange health problems pop up, you might consider seeing if this might be to blame.


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