Sometimes, in the middle of the night, there's nothing to watch on TV but shopping shows.  At 4AM, when I eat breakfast during the week, there's always somebody on TV trying to sell me knives or coin sets.

Well, things are about to get much more interesting.

Coming in January, "GunTV", a 24-hour a day firearms shopping channel will launch from it's studios in California (yeah, I was a little shocked by that, too) According to, initially, the channel will broadcast for 6 hours a day starting at 1AM, before it goes to it's full 24/7 schedule.

GunTV will sell ammo and firearms accessories but, of course, it won't be able to sell guns directly to viewers. Like any guns bought and shipped through the mail, the guns will be ordered through a licensed gun dealer, in this case, Sports South, in Louisiana. Buyers will still have to pass all the background checks and the gun will be sent to a licensed gun dealer in the buyer's area before actually being purchased.

According to the people running GunTV, this channel will give gun manufacturers a chance to present a lot more expert information about their products than would be possible in catalogs, print articles and 30 second commercials.. And, in a smart move, the channel will devote a percentage of time every hour to firearms safety.

So - what do you think?


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