Do you miss going to the movies? Drive-in movie theatres made a comeback this year and the cold weather isn't stopping them. If you're looking to get out of the house for a little, take a trip to the Metro Detroit area and catch a drive-in Christmas movie at Lakeside Mall.

The head of Movie Magic, Mike Oddo, has set up two movie screens in the malls parking lot for you and your loved ones to enjoy movies safely this winter. They'll be playing Christmas movies all month long and Santa will be joining you.

 “You come up and we have Santa there waiving to them as they arrive. He also walks around the parking lot once the movies start and waves at the kids. We wanted something COVID safe. The parking spaces are large, tickets are online and concessions are pre-packaged.”

You can catch a movie on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. You can check out the movies available this weekend and buy tickets here. Tickets are $25 per car.

What's your favorite Christmas movie? Mine is "Home Alone", but apparently it's not a fan favorite because it ranked #19 on USAToday's 20 best Christmas movies. "Elf" is also one of my favorites. I could quote it in my sleep.

"Buddy the Elf, what's your favorite color?"

Are you looking for some more Christmas movies to watch this holiday season? Here's some movies worth checking out!

What's a Christmas movie you can't stand that everyone else loves? I'm not a fan of "A Christmas Story." I'm sorry if it's your favorite movie, but I think it's awful.

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