The State of Michigan legalized medical marijuana back in 2008, two years later the first dispensaries opened. In 2018 Michigan voted to legalize Recreational Marijuana, and the state sold 10 million dollars worth of pot in the first six weeks starting December 1, 2020. New dispensaries are popping up regularly. However Meridian Township appears to be in no hurry to embrace it. Their board members think they should ask for input from the public.

There have been six applications so far in Meridian Township for a medical marijuana sales license. But the businesses say the only way for it to be profitable for them is if they can also do recreational sales.

WILX reports,

“The business can very quickly open and close because if recreational doesn’t come, that can’t be a sustainable business,” Oz Cannabis Attorney Alan Shamoun said. Shamoun says the township needs to level the playing field by opting-in to recreational sales. “With neighboring municipalities having adult use, the medical market is shrinking by the day where people are not renewing their cards because they can just drive to a dispensary,” Shamoun said.

Meridian Township is not ready to approve recreational, they want public input first. The Township supervisor said “Just because they voted for recreational marijuana a couple years ago doesn’t mean they want six in their back yard.” Because there are a lot of places only minutes away from Meridian Township where recreational pot can be purchased, they see no need to hurry. If it’s something the 43,000 Meridian Township residents want, that should be the answer. But they feel they should take the time to find out what residents want.

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This discussion will continue with tonight's board meeting.

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