Monday, a West Virginia man was arrested and charged with "holding two deer captive" inside his home. That's right - "INSIDE his home". For "at least a year".

According to, this all started when the West Virginia Natural Resources Police got a complaint call, on July 4th, about deer being kept inside a house in Cabell County, WV.

And I know it's illegal to keep wild deer, but who would rat somebody out for something like that?

The officers found two bucks living inside the house, arrested and charged the man and set the bucks free. (My guess is this won't end well for those two bucks.) Click here to see the story (and a photo of one of the bucks).

I've heard plenty of stories of deer that hang around backyards and become "pets", but do you know anybody who's brought one inside to live for more than a few days? Have you ever seen footage of the guy with the indoor (part time) pet bison? Check it out:



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