Mackinac Island is now home to a brewery and distillery: Great Turtle Brewery and Distillery will open June 12th. It's located on Main Street across from Shepler's Ferry Dock, where Goodfellows's used to be. (Hey, I've had a few drinks there) And if you thought, "Wow, that's quite the undertaking to set up a brewery on Mackinac Island", you are right. (I read that in your voice, just so you know)

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According to WXYZ-TV, "Great Turtle Brewery and Distillery will offer custom craft beer, spirits and food in an upscale brewery atmosphere". On the Great Turtle website they explain, "Early on, it was realized that brewing and distilling would not be possible on-site due to the island’s unique infrastructure", but they will be enlisting Right Brain Brewery in Traverse City and Les Cheneaux Distillery in the U.P. to provide the signature beer and private label spirits. My early favorite from the menu? NO CARS ALLOWED CREAM ALE. The perfect name for a Mackinac Island beer. Plus, they'll have bar food and a full restaurant.

So, will they make beer on-site? No. Will you be drinking beer on-site? Yes. And in the summertime on Mackinac Island - isn't that the goal?

Looking forward to getting back up there. Soon. Here's the story.

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