Hard to believe it's only Day 4 of Luke Bryan's "12 Days of Pranksmas," the annual succession of practical jokes the country singer's family doles out around this time of year. The prank for Dec. 16, again spearheaded by Luke's wife, Caroline, finds a so-called "pilot in training" pulling a fast one.

The target of the gag is Ellen Boyer, the wife of Caroline's brother, Bo. In the video shared by Caroline on Wednesday, Ellen's among a group of women on a private plane en route to a tennis tournament. But when the pilot starts making some strange announcements, Ellen gets quite clearly perplexed.

"Today's prank is on my sister in law Ellen," Caroline writes in the clip's caption. "Ellen cringes at any uncomfortable situation so I wanted to make this … super awkward — from meditating to PG 'stripping.'"

Indeed, the situation appears undoubtedly awkward. After the "pilot" — it seems he's really a male, ahem, entertainer of some sort — leads the women in an off-the-cuff silent meditation, he plays Warrant's "Cherry Pie" on a nearby boombox and begins to campily take his clothes off.

Talk about a plane ride to remember. Again, this only Day 4 of the Luke Bryan family's Pranskmas — there are still eight days (and pranks) left to enjoy. On Tuesday (Dec. 15), Day 3 had Caroline ruining her son's deer hunt by making a whole bunch of noise instead of silent waiting for a prize buck.

Day 2 saw Caroline giving Luke's mother, mama LeClaire, a rude awakening from bed with a recording of a rooster. Day 1 involved Luke convincing his wife that she'd ruined a Tim Tebow Heisman trophy.

Watch: Caroline's Epic Prank on Her Son Bo: 

As for any COVID-19 concerns on Caroline's recent airplane trip, she says, "Disclaimer before you start on me — everyone was covid tested before heading to our tennis tournament."

Longtime Luke Bryan fans are likely aware of Ellen from her involvement in Brett's Barn, an animal rescue started by Luke as a tribute to his late niece, Brett, who was Ellen and Bo's child. Brett died in 2017, at seven months old, after experiencing a liver infection and other health issues. Today, Ellen spearheads the Brett Boyer Foundation, which supports childhood research and awareness around Down syndrome.

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