When you were a kid did you go look for bugs and butterflies in your neighborhood? We sure did on Chicago's south side. Let's just say mom did not like us bringing home banana spiders in Margarine tubs or garter snakes.

Ladybugs were always fun to catch and we were told they bring luck. So we would try and catch and let them and put them on our arms and then gently give them a nudge and they would fly away.

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This is very interesting to me, when the cooler temps hit Michigan folks in the state start seeing a familiar site in their homes according to fox2detroit.com. Red and orange-colored beetles with black spots.

Believe It Or Not, These Are not Ladybugs

I know what you are thinking as you look at the picture, but these are not ladybugs or lady beetles as some call them. They are actually Multicolored Asian lady beetles, which are native to eastern Asia.  Some continents use them as a form of pest control. Wow, who knew?


Their appearance in and around people's homes recently was likely triggered by a cold spell that swept through Michigan last week, Gary Parsons, an insect specialist, and director of the Bug House at Michigan State University wrote in an email. are responding to the cold and seeking sheltered places in and around homes for the winter. That is normal behavior for this species.


Relax They Will Move Out In Spring

They are not a threat and it gets warmer in the spring they will head outside to enjoy the warm weather just like us.

Really not much you can do if you don't like them in your home, It may help to seal up all cracks and crevices where they might enter on siding, attic vents, and around doors and windows.  I don't mind a few hanging out as long as they don't invade my fridge.

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