Drive-In movies are still a really cool thing to do even now. I can guarantee that because as you may know The GOAT did a concert that showed at over three hundred of them a couple months ago.

No, not Tom Brady. Garth Brooks. You remember that big event, right? Obviously Garth being part of anything will either guarantee or increase it's cool factor.

But there was a time back in the day my friend when you may remember that drive-in movies were really, really big. You'd go out with your family, packed in your car with drinks and snacks and if memory serves me correctly, watch a couple movies. Or maybe it was one movie. You'd pull up to those poles in the drive-in parking lot with the speakers on them, grab a speaker and hang it on your car window and you were set. It was a lot of fun. But it seemed like over the years people gravitated away from the drive-in movie. Opting for the huge movie complexes with the huge screens.

Well now what was old is new again because of the COVID-19 pandemic and now you're seeing what I believe is a resurgence in outdoor movie entertainment because of that. Of course you have the Garth and Blake Shelton shows that happened, but along with the established drive-in movie locations, there are now pop-up versions happening all over. And the really cool thing about these is that you don't have to pull those bulky speakers into your car, you just tune in a certain frequency on your radio and you can hear the movie.

That is for the pop-up's that you actually drive in to. There also open air versions with big screens and tonight one is popping up at Jackson Field, the former Cooley Law School Stadium downtown and the home of our Lansing Lugnuts. The feature at tonight's "Movies at the Ballpark" series is "Jurassic Park".

Sounds like another great night at the old ball yard. Get more info and tickets at the Lugnuts website.

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