I was born in Evanston, Illinois. That’s just north of Wrigley Field. I am a Chicago Cubs fan, 10,000% Die Hard. My family moved to Southwest Michigan in 1978. Some of my favorite memories are of playing baseball all day long. There were plenty of ballparks around town to pick up a game or maybe get some practice in. Better yet, we played a lot of home run derby. I developed a strong love for the game of baseball that remains to this day.

The drive to Chicago was short, only about 90 minutes. I’d spend a lot of time in Chicago at my grandma’s in Willmette. “Midge” would take me down to Wrigley Field on the “L” to watch games all the time. That’s back when you couldn’t pay a fan to go to the games. We still did, and we had a blast.

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Sarcasm aside, Cubs fans went to games, win or lose. I suppose if you are a fan of a team, you root for that team. Win or lose.

It’s awesome that you can see a baseball game within a 2 to 3 hour drive of Lansing and the surrounding area. I’ve visited some of these, and in my opinion they rocked.

Although I am a Cubs fan, I love the game of baseball more. I pull for the Tigers in the American League; I am stoked that Javier Baez is a Tiger. I was fortunate to visit Tiger Stadium during its last season of gameplay. It was awesome, even with an obstructed view seat.

10 Notable Baseball Stadiums in Michigan

Here are 10 baseball stadiums in Michigan for you to check out if you love the game of baseball or just want to have a good time.


I’m sure there are plenty more baseball stadiums to see, so drop a message and let me know which ones I missed!

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