If you're on the quest for tamales, The next Potent Potables Project will soon be able to satisfy! But, not in the original Frandor location.

According to the Lansing State Journal, The Potent Potables Project still plans on opening their latest venture, a "taqueria and tamale joint" called Punk Taco. However, original plans for it to open up in Frandor have been scrapped. You can now expect Punk Taco to open up in Old Town.

The reason for the move, according to Sam Short of the Potent Potables Project, is that the people that make up the project are Old Town people, and it just made more sense to keep it that way. The Potent Potables Project has focused on the revitalization of Old Town, and they want to continue to do that.

Punk Taco will be open by the end of March, but to find out where in Old Town, you have to follow their Facebook page. Get the link for their Facebook and get more info about the new eatery, here

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