The latest addition to the Lansing restaurant scene has finally opened its doors.

Sidecar Slider Bar in Downtown Lansing officially opened on Tuesday, November 23rd, according to FOX 47 News. After many months of signs that boasted "coming soon", soon is here and Sidecar Slider Bar is now open to the public.

Photo courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing

Serving Deliciousness Late-Night

Sidecar Slider Bar may be the newest restaurant to open its doors in Downtown Lansing, however, it's filling a long-time vacancy that could desperately use the help: late-night food availability. The new restaurant's general manager, Josiah Moore, said that they saw this location and "saw an opportunity in this market that no one else was fulfilling. And that was being able to provide a place that had a kitchen open until two o'clock in the morning."

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He's not wrong; Downtown Lansing used to have a plethora of options when it came to post-bar late-night food. Just down the block, there were places like Good Slice Pizza, Aldaco's Taco 911, and even a hot dog cart. Now, not so much anymore.

Photo courtesy of Google Streetview
Photo courtesy of Google Streetview

Location, Location, Location

Sidecar Slider Bar has a primo downtown location as well. You'll find it on the southeast corner of Michigan Avenue and Cedar Street downtown, just across the street from where the Lansing Lugnuts play, making it the perfect stop for after a baseball game.

If you stop by, here's what Moore said you can expect;

"We have bourbons that you cannot get anywhere else. We have draft beer that you cannot get anywhere else. You will not be able to find our sliders anyqhere else."

Here's hoping that Sidecar Slider Bar does well and sticks around! It was sad to see that corner empty for so long. That spot was briefly occupied by the Beer Grotto starting in April of 2015, but closed its doors just a short 20 months later, according to WILX.

Photo courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing
Photo courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing
Photo courtesy of Kristen Matthews/TSM Lansing

The Sidecar Slider Bar is now open seven days a week from 3 pm to 2 am.

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