You know the old saying when a door closes, God opens a window.  Well, 2021 saw many businesses close, but the good news is many opened including some fine restaurants in the Lansing area.

Many new stores opened in the Lansing area recently like BJ's Wholesale Club in Lansing and rejuvenation to one of Mid-Michigan’s busiest business areas, the Delta Crossing shopping center opened its doors last September.

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New Business In Old Neighborhood

Check this out from a gentleman named Maurice who grew up on Lansing’s west side and is now the owner of his own business. It's a convenience store in the same area he enjoyed as a kid.

He is not a business rookie either. He opened up Mo’s Wings downtown 3 years ago and because of the pandemic, he had to close as many businesses did.

Check Out The New Convenience Store

Maurice found a small building at 122 S. Martin Luther King Jr. Blvd. and recently opened up the Westside Convenience Store.

This isn’t your typical party store, it's got a little bit of an edge, offering hot food alongside the regular convenience store fare.“Smothered potatoes is one of our favorite items, deep-fried pork chops, nachos. We’ve got homemade Kool-Aid. Everything is homemade. Mac and cheese,” said Summerville.


I have to check this place out, it sounds awesome and of course delicious. The Proud owner knows the pandemic has been tough on many businesses and he is determined to make it a big success and is looking to hire kitchen staff.

Let's get out to support this and all local businesses in the Lansing area.. 2022 is gonna turn into a great year for all of us.

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