Lansing Mayor Andy Schor and Chief Daryl Green with the Lansing Police Department announced some changes to the Lansing Police Department's traffic stop procedures in a press conference yesterday. Those new traffic stop guidelines go into effect today.

According to information from the Lansing Police Department, starting today, Thursday, July 2nd, Lansing Police will not be pulling over drivers for what are called secondary violations. So, what exactly are secondary violations? Those include "equipment failures such as cracked windshields, loud exhaust, cracked lights and air fresheners or other items hanging from rear view mirrors". However, the Lansing Police will continue to pull drivers over for primary violations. According to the LPD, primary violations include "failure to wear seat belt/child restraints, inoperable headlight/s after dusk hours, no brake lights, expired license plate, speeding, careless and reckless driving, violation of traffic control devices, impaired driving and other unsafe and dangerous driving situations". You can click here to see more information about the new guidelines. Andy Schor says that Lansing will be one of the first communities in the state of Michigan to take this action. Here's more from his Facebook page:

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