Looking to save a little money? You may want to consider a move to Lansing!

According to Livability, Lansing was named the "2018 Best Affordable Place to Live"! When putting together the "Best Affordable Places to Live" list every year, Livability looks for quite a few key factors, including:

  • How much the average household spends on necessities
  • How much the average household spends on entertainment
  • The economy
  • Healthcare
  • Amenities
  • Job Market
  • Affordable housing, and more...

Lansing scored very well in lots of those categories. Typically, Lansing residents "spend nearly 40% less on key necessities than the average American," necessities like "housing, transportation, food, and healthcare". Plus, Lansing's average house price is around $89 K compared to about $206 K for the rest of the country. Not to mention, Lansing is bursting with things to do! Whether you want to tailgate and root for your favorite local sports team, check out one of the many music festivals, or nosh on some delicious food, Lansing has you covered! Check out the complete list of reasons why Lansing landed the number one spot by clicking here. 

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