Food, it’s what makes the world go round. Most of us have a love affair with food. It’s a very enjoyable part of life, sampling, exploring and finding new taste delights. I always enjoy finding a new dining location with dishes I’ve never had before. Chef’s these days get very creative with dishes, getting very creative with old dishes and the sky's the limit with new ones.

Most of us eat an average of 4.2 meals per week prepared in a restaurant. As a nation, Americans eat out four or five times a week, which comes out to about 18.2 meals outside of home every month. We definitely enjoy our variety when it comes to dining. I think the hardest decision my wife and I have to make sometimes is where to eat. She’s a little picky and I’m not picky at all. Sometimes I have to start our conversation with, what food are you not in the mood for today.

I know most of us already have our favorite places to dine when we go out, but I’ve always enjoyed breaking the habit of a familiar location, to try and find something appealing that we have not experienced before. For a town the size of Lansing/East Lansing, we have a lot of variety when it comes to dining out. And even though we lost quite a few places to eat due to the pandemic, we are seeing new food destinations opening on a pretty regular basis.

All of the Sub shops listed in this article were suggested by members of the Lansing Foodies Facebook Group. And we thank them for their suggestions. They picked the top ten, but we ended up with 12. There was a tie at number 8, and a 3 way tie at number 10. That’s why we have more than ten listed. Now get out there and enjoy a sub sandwich.

Lansing Foodies Group Top 10 Best Subs in Lansing

Lansing Foodies Group Top 10 Best Subs in Lansing


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