"The customer is always right."

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Having worked in food service for over a decade and having been a customer myself, I can attest that I've never met a more wrong group of people.

And if you've ever worked in customer service or with the public in some capacity, you know exactly what I'm talking about when I say you encounter all types of folks. "It takes all kinds," isn't that how the saying goes?

Reasons Why Working in the Service Industry is Hard

However, there are certain things that I just never thought I'd have to explain to another adult. One time, I had a customer ask what kind of cheese makes up Monterey cheddar. For three minutes, I tried to explain to this woman that Monterey cheddar was made from Monterey and cheddar cheeses.

Another example is when I called a prize winner to say that the show they won tickets to had been rescheduled and that the tickets would still be good for the rescheduled date. The woman then proceeded to ask me when she'd get the money for the tickets. Money? Ma'am, you won these tickets for FREE, you didn't pay anything for them in the first place. Not to mention, the show is rescheduled, not canceled.

These "fun" interactions popped into my head and got me thinking that I can't be the only person with these kinds of hilariously tragic customer service stories. So, I reached out to Lansing and this is what you had to say. Here are 9 hilarious examples of why working with the public can be so hard.

9 Hilarious Reasons Why it's Hard to Work with the Public in Lansing

It's not always easy working with the public. Sure, you sometimes get those really awesome people who are kind and don't make your work day harder. But other times, you get those people who just make working with the public difficult. And when those people come around, it's been my experience that the best way to deal with the situation is to laugh about it. Because otherwise, you might cry. Here are 9 examples of why working with the public can be so hilariously difficult.

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