Who doesn't love competitive games?  We were taught "it's not whether you win or lose it's how you play the game." There are some things we are good at growing up and some things not so much. Some games I was good at were air hockey, ping pong and I did not shoot a shabby game of pool.

I was not so good at foosball, but I really loved to play. Some of my friends and I would play in teams of 2.  A few were outstanding and there were times when they scored a goal I did not even see the ball.  I just heard that loud clank of them scoring.

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Well if you love to play foosball and are pretty good at it, here is someone you should know. A champion foosball player has something going you might be interested in according to fox47news.com

Check Out the Foosball Tournament Details

His name is Michael Stahl and he is putting together a state championship foosball tournament in Lansing later this month. His goal (no pun intended) is to bring in enough money to give out $10,000 in prizes. How cool is that?


It all depends on 125 players showing up, that can't be that difficult so let's pass the word.

Fifteen bucks per event is for beginners. And then I think it's up to about 50 bucks for the pro masters," Stahl said. he himself is an experienced player. I've got a semi pro-national title. I took third at the World Cup in France a couple of times in the junior division when I was like, 16," he said.


I have to agree with Michael, he says the sport isn't as popular as it used to be, and he is hoping the tournament will help bring the game back to life in the Lansing area.

Here Is All The Info

It's open to all ages for anyone that wants to participate at the Causeway Bay Hotel from Oct. 22th to Oct. 24th. For more information and to register go to ifptour.com.

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