I have noticed some really high prices at the grocery stores here in the Lansing area lately.  Been shopping way more then last year because of the pandemic and I am eating healthier.

Some of the things I have noticed going up is some produce, fruits and nuts, the deli and some meats and fish. Other things that seem to be staying the same, or lower are eggs, cheese, bacon, and some produce like onions, lettuce and cucumbers.  Now this is just me, and what I have noticed in the stores where I have been shopping.

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I guess higher prices on groceries is gonna be happening everywhere says nbcnews.com. Shoppers can expect paying more for food when shopping. This from the latest consumer price index, which shows prices are increasing, and unfortunately they may still go up, and stay there the rest of the year.

The monthly consumer price index which was released Tuesday morning by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, showed a 0.6 percent increase in March, the largest one-month increase in nearly a 10 years.  And check this out, prices have increased by 2.6 percent overall.

And that's not all that's been heavy on the pocketbook and wallet. Gas has went up a whopping 9.1 percent last month. Since February, prices of fruits and vegetables have risen by nearly 2 percent, and the index for meats, poultry, fish and eggs has risen by 0.4 percent, according to the government figures.

So all we can do is start budgeting now for the higher food prices.  Some stores of course will be higher then others, so it pays to compare prices at different stores. I have even started looking for coupons online and in store.

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