I have been living in Lansing for about three months now, and I have to say I have grown very fond of it since I have been here. I know I still have a lot to see. I am especially looking forward to the spring and summer here. Mostly for the fishing in the area, the state parks,  and all the small cities to explore in the warm weather. The Mitten is just such a great place to live.

Being in radio most of my life, I have lived in many cities. Before moving here I lived in my hometown Chicago, Detroit, Tampa, Las Vegas and Philadelphia. So this is the smallest city I have lived in.

Here are some reasons I like living here so much. It's kind of like still living in a big city but has a small town feel and atmosphere. I find the people very friendly here. For instance, there are a lot more smiles when you walk into a store or small business, usually always with a nice welcome.

I've been to a few sports bars and restaurants too where by the time I left I met some new friends either sitting at the bar or a surrounding table. And I am not just saying this but everyone here at WITL has been so helpful in making me feel welcome and willing to help me adjust.

The fact that we are centrally located to so many great cites like Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Flint and Detroit is also very cool.

What do you like best living in the Lansing area?


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