It's not surprising that last year people did not want to get on an airplane. I flew a few times and it was effortless. There were not a lot of folks on the plane and it was nice to have the middle seat empty. It was also a breeze to walk through security. The only bad thing was everything was closed in the airport and you could not even get a cup of coffee.

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The Capital Region International Airport saw a 75 percent decline in passengers in 2020 according to fox47news. In a normal month, the airport would see close to 14,0000 passengers, according to marketing manager Spencer Flynn.

"In the worst times of the pandemic, we got down to as low as 450 passengers per month, but now you know we're back to what I would say our current normal is, which is just over 4,000. So, we're seeing that number creep up slowly," Flynn said.

My daughter flew here to see me from Vegas a few weeks ago. She said the plane was full and everyone was wearing a mask. She also pointed out that the airline was following all the safety guidelines. So maybe that's a sign that travel will recover soon. says U.S. carrier losses last year was around $35 billion. That is incredible. How do you survive a loss like that? But they will. That includes what’s expected to be Southwest Airlines’ first annual loss in more than four decades.

How do you feel about flying this year? Will you get on an airplane this spring or summer?

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