Joe Bachie plays middle linebacker for the MSU Spartans. Kenny Willekes plays defensive end. They're two big guys who have a shot at playing in the NFL someday. And they're roommates and best friends. And in a story that just needs a laugh track and a slot on network TV, Joe Bachie is pretty much Kenny's mom.

According to the Detroit Free Press (and the best article you'll read about the Spartans this week) Joe does all the cooking, cleaning, laundry and even driving to events for Kenny, who gets wound up like a six-year-old every night - when Joe just wants to sit down with a glass of wine and watch "House Hunters" (I may have made that scenario up for Joe). And what do you do with a 260 pound six-year-old? Joe sends Kenny to his room.

So, when the Spartans open their season on August 30th against Tulsa, watch for these two. The guy wagging his finger after Kenny gets a penalty called on him will be Mama Joe.

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