Darlington is all about the throwback this weekend, but this strikes me as a little...weird

According to BeyondTheFlag.com, during Dale Earnhardt Jr's podcast on Monday, he talked about a conversation he had with Jimmie Johnson, about the upcoming Darlington race. Jimmie called Jr to let him know that the #48 car will be painted in a throwback Lowe's paint scheme. The scheme they chose was from 1979, when Earnhardt Sr drove the #2 car. Lowe's sponsored that car for one race (and there is a photo of Sr standing next to the car in a yellow fire suit). But, he never raced the car, due to being out that week with a broken collarbone. David Pearson raced that week and finished 2nd. But Jimmie asked Jr if he could borrow the old fire suit and wear it during the Darlington driver introductions.

I appreciate the fact Jimmie wants to honor Earnhardt Sr, but you would think it would be easier just to make a new replica fire suit. And according to Jr, the suit stinks anyway, because....37 years in the attic, or wherever it's been.

Don't know if he's going to wear it or not - but, you might wanna be watching for Jimmie, during the intros on Sunday night. Here's the story. (With pics)

And we'll have more NASCAR News and we'll have our picks for Darlington, tomorrow morning, shortly after 7AM.


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