Wow! The eclipse was an amazing experience.

But now what?

What do you do with your glasses?

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Where To Get Rid Of Your Eclipse Glasses In Michigan

You can do a few things with your eclipse glasses if you do not want to keep them.


This is the simplest thing to do with your eclipse glasses.


You can pop out the lenses and place the cardboard frames in the nearest recycling bin.

Donate Them To South Africa

If you want to give the eclipse glasses to people who can use them again, this is the perfect option for you.

Midland, Michigan's Dow Gardens will be accepting gently used solar eclipse glasses.

Since the eclipse is happening on October 2nd in South Africa, Dow Gardens will send the glasses to South African students.

"Donate your gently used solar eclipse glasses at Dow Gardens! We're collecting them until April 19 to be sent to school children in South America for the 10/2/2024 eclipse. Let's pay it forward and provide safe viewing experiences for students in need. Simply leave your glasses with our friendly front desk staff during regular business hours."

However, you cannot mail the glasses to them!

You need to reach out to for instructions on how to get the eclipse glasses to them.

Donate Them To Hawaii And Latin America

Eclipse Glasses USA is doing something similar to Dow Gardens.

Eclipse Glasses USA is using its donation program to donate glasses to schools in Hawaii for the next eclipse path in October.

Donate Them To Astronomers

Astronomers Without Borders has been sending eclipse glasses to people worldwide since 2008.


You can simply keep them for the next time, which will be a VERY long time.

The next total solar eclipse that is visible in Michigan will not happen until 2099, but you can see the eclipse in other places.

Did you enjoy the eclipse?

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