If you're looking to invest in a new business, or you just can't bare to lose another piece of Michigan history and would do anything to keep it around? If either of those paths have sparked your interest, there is something for sale in Michigan that could be just the right thing for you.

A drive-in movie theater!

Drive-In Movie Theaters in Michigan

At the height of drive-in theaters, Michigan was once home to approximately 130. Now, with the closing of the Sunset Theater in Hartford and 5 Mile Drive in Dowagiac, there are only 6 left.

The closure of Sunset Theater and 5 Mile Drive-In came via a post made to their Facebook page.

Two Michigan Drive-In Movie Theaters are Closing

Sadly, unforeseen circumstances have lead to these two closures.

The communities are so saddened to see two beloved and nostalgic places close, even before the season begins. In Hartford, they're having an especially hard time because they lost their 96-year-old Ramona Roller Rink to a fire.

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If you have the means and interest to preserve some Michigan history, both drive-ins are for sale, and the owners are asking anyone with serious inquiries to reach out.

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How cool would it be to preserve a piece of history for a community that is so clearly fond of it?

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