What was meant to be a fun night of music and partying ended up being somewhat disappointing for thousands of concert attendees at Michigan's Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort on Sunday, July 9, 2023.

An almost sold-out crowd at the Mt. Pleasant venue was expecting to see international star Pitbull, nicknamed "Mr. Worldwide", but he never showed. It was well after 10pm before representatives from the venue addressed the crowd with the unfortunate news that a plane malfunction had prevented Pitbull from making it to the engagement.

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Pitbull's Opener Lil Jon Entertained the Crowd the Best He Could

Concertgoer Carolyn Roberts thought it was odd that opener Lil Jon didn't even take the stage until 8:45pm.

"Lil Jon kept the crowd pumped up, but we knew something was off when his set ended up going for a whole hour and a half," Roberts recalls. "He (Lil Jon) was just playing song after song that wasn't his, and yelling "yeaa-aah" (Lil Jon's well-known catchphrase) into the mic every once in a while."

Lil Jon performs at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., on July 9, 2023. Photo via Carolyn Roberts
Lil Jon performs at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort in Mt. Pleasant, Mich., on July 9, 2023. Photo via Carolyn Roberts

Pitbull Fans Requesting Refunds Have Limited Time

On Monday, Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort released the following statement via social media:

Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort received an emergency notification Sunday evening July 9th prior to Lil Jon’s performance, due to mechanical malfunctions Pitbull’s private jet was grounded and he was unable to travel on July 9th. Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort and Pitbull’s Management team tirelessly worked up until 8:45pm trying to find alternative flights and were unsuccessful.
As a result, Pitbull was unable to perform at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort. Please take note of some important information regarding the rescheduled show and ticketing information:
- Show has been rescheduled to Saturday, August 19th at 8pm
- July 9th tickets will be honored for the August 19th reschedule date
- For refunds please contact Etix online at Etix.com or at 1-800-514-3849. You may also contact Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort or Saganing Eagle’s landing box offices at 1-888-732-4537.
- Refunds will only be issued Monday, July 10th at 9am thru Monday, July 17th at 10pm during normal business hours
Reps for Pitbull have not issued any statements beyond his personal pre-recorded video.

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