The Castle Games Mini-Golf in St. Ignace has been closed since around 2013-2014. The best thing about doing mini-golf here was its location right there on the Mackinac Straits. Mackinac Island stood in the background and it was quite a view.

Lots of people have fond memories of that place which also served ice cream and refreshments, but others complained about the holes saying they were too repetitive and not challenging.

Then the place began to fall apart, with not much maintenance. It became so run down, people didn't know if the place was open or not. The buildings were falling apart, lights were either stolen or broken, paint was peeling, and the cement was cracking.

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If you were staying at the nearby Bay View Motel, you only would have to pay half price to golf...but that wasn't always the case. Many people complained they were still charged full price.

And so it closed.

In the gallery below are some images of the closed and deserted Castle Games Mini-Golf, showing that at one time it was a very enjoyable place.

Abandoned Castle Games Mini-Golf in St. Ignace


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