The Michigan DNR added several new animals to their "nuisance wildlife" list in 2023.

According to new regulations landowners across Michigan may hunt and trap animals that cause physical harm or damage to roads, dams, buildings, livestock, crops, and more.

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Prior to the changes it was open-season in Michigan for animals like woodchucks/groundhogs, possums, and red squirrels but as the Michigan DNR clarifies it's important to note that these animals,

...may be taken year-round with a valid Michigan hunting license.

So while they may not require an additional permit, you still have to be legal to hunt. Check out the updated hunting list below:

Update: More Animals Added to Michigan's Year-Round Hunting List

The Michigan DNR has added the following animals to the state's year-round hunting list. Land owners may kill these animals on their property with no special permits required.

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