Halloween. That spooky evening that many sweet-toothed kids have been yearning for, is just days away. Most of the trick-or-treaters have finally decided on which costume they will be creeping around in. Many area schools will have a parade through the hallways of elementary schools, where the kids can show off their costumes. 

During the early years of my childhood, I usually went for the attire of a bum. At least, that’s what we called the vagabonds, during my "boomer years", that usually caught rides on empty railroad boxcars. The character of the bum always appealed to me. My mother would dig out my most ragged clothing, which included a little checkered vest, and apply black smudges to my face to simulate a beard. I carried a stick, with a bag attached, over my shoulder. Ironically, when I turned 16 years old in 1969, I became a hippie. Instead of railcars, I chose hitchhiking with a backpack on my shoulders. Go figure. 

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Halloween Costumes Under Winter Coats? Bummer... 

There is some unfortunate news for the 2023 trick-or-treater in Michigan, this year. The National Weather Service is forecasting mostly cloudy skies, with a chance of snow showers, and a frigid temperature that may drop down to 27 degrees on Halloween Eve. This means that many a glorious costume may be covered by a heavy coat if mom has anything to say about it. 

Other than having an older kid steal your trick-or-treat bag while trudging through the neighborhood, nothing could be worse than hiding your costume from the folks handing out candy. Only the kid wearing the furry, heavyweight Bigfoot costume may endure this year's potential frigid snowfall. Now is the time to alter your costume design! And by the way, an old pillowcase is the best bet for gathering treats. It doesn’t become soggy from the wet conditions and doesn’t tear during an attempted candy theft. Believe me...I’ve trudged the mean streets of Halloween. 

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