If you thought you had to travel all the way to the west coast to California to see a Sequoia tree, you'd be wrong.

Where to Find Sequoia Trees in the United States

That's okay though, because I also thought that the only Sequoia I was ever going to see would be in the Sequoia Groves and National Parks of California.

But, I recently learned that we actually have some Sequoia Trees right here in Michigan.

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Thanks to TikTok and user @discover4x4adventures, we learned that all we don't have to travel all the way to the west coast of the United States. All we have to do is make a trip to Michigan's west coast and we can see some Sequoia.

Pack a snack, gas up the car, and make your way to Manistee, Michigan.

See Giant Sequoia Trees in Michigan

Located in Manistee, Michigan is Lake Bluff Farms.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Lake Bluff Farms is home to 3 giant Sequoia trees that you can visit. But, with Sequoia trees only being native to California, how did they end up all the way over here?

How Did We Get Sequoia Trees in Michigan?

According to Lake Bluff Farms, Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Gray brought back six Sequoia trees back in 1948. At that time, they were only 8 inches tall.

Fast forward 75 years, and three of those six trees have survived and flourished.

Currently, the tallest of the three stands at a whopping 116 feet tall, making it "the largest Giant Sequoia east of the Rockies". Granted, it's a little less than half of the biggest known Sequoia in the world, but it's still super cool that it's standing tall in a place that it's not originally from.

Read more about these giant Sequoia here.

Udell Fire Observation Tower, Manistee Forest

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