When you think of Michigan's highest point, perhaps you remember from school that's it's Mount Arvon in Michigan's Upper Peninsula.

Mount Arvon is today Michigan's highest natural point. The mountain was surpassed by a mound of mining slag waste near Marquette several years ago.

Both of those points are in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. So where is the highest point in the Lower Peninsula? It's said to be Briar Hill between Cadillac and Mesick in Wexford County. (Or it's nearby Grove Hill according to another source which is said to be 6 feet higher in elevation) If you want to plan a trip - think it out fully as it's not an easy climb.

The hill is in the Huron-Manistee National Forest with little roadway access. There are some forest roads leading off of M-37 and M-115 that get near Briar Hill but it's all wilderness hike up if you want to give it a go.

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It may be one of those places you desire to visit to say you've done it. But be prepared for what you'll find. Those who have made the like say it's so much wilderness and overgrown there's no view of the surrounding countryside.

The US Forest Service, who has jurisdiction over the area says about Briar Hill,

A groomed snowmobile trail is located along the southern and western boundaries of the area. A short hiking trail to the historic Briar Hills’ Lookout site is located in the western side of the area. Even though there are no remnants of the tower that once stood at this site, the location itself is popular for sightseeing.

If you do want to attempt it, here are directions from a highpointer to has made the trip. The nearest 'main' to the Briar Hill trailhead...

is not signed, and you are only on it for .1 miles before it dead-ends into Michael Dr., where you are going to go left. This road is also not signed at this intersection. Travel on Michael Dr. 1.9 miles and turn left on FR 9784. Stay on the main path until you reach a fork with FR 5007 going to the right. Take the fork to the right and when you reach a sign that says "Street Closed 1000 FT" you are getting close to the "trailhead" on the right-hand side of the road.

Check out this video of a winter ascent to the Briar Hill summit.

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