Living in Lansing, I feel like there's always something fun to do.

And I'm not just talking about the big, grandiose things, like concerts or MSU sports. I'm talking about those smaller, family-fun things too. And it looks like mid-February is going to have something right up that alley.

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Have you ever been to Horrocks on Lansing's west side?

Photo courtesy of McConnell Adams/TSM Lansing
Photo courtesy of McConnell Adams/TSM Lansing

Horrocks is a farmers market, but honestly, it's so much more. There's a bakery, a butcher, a cheese monger, a candy section, gelato, and even a room full of flavored vinegars and oils. Now, they're adding a fun event to the calendar; S'mores Fest!

S'mores Fest Coming Back to Horrocks

S'mores Fest was established back in 2019 and has come back throughout the years.

This even is surely be fun for the whole family. You'll be able to enjoy such things as

  • S'mores Supplies - on the house- with outdoor firepit for roasting
  • Ice Sculpting by Clear Cut Ice
  • Complimentary Hot Cocoa
  • Live Musical Performance from Mixed Flavors from 3pm - 7pm

Did you see that part about s'mores "on the house" and "complimentary" hot cocoa, that means this event is budget friendly too.

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Be sure to mark your calendars for Saturday, February 17th. S'mores Fest will take place from 2 - 6 pm. And don't forget to dress warm if you want to enjoy the outdoor firepit.

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