Growing up, it was a well known fact that my dad is always comically cold. The man owns a heated jacket, heated gloves, and can always been seen wearing two hoodies. Now that winter has finally made an appearance this season, and it arrived with a vengeance, I imagine he will be cranking the thermostat way up.

Person bundled up in a blanket and hat
Person bundled up in a blanket and hat, from Canva.

Lots of people took to Reddit to discuss what they have their thermostats set to, and there was quite a range of answers. Some had their thermostats set to a crispy 75° F, while others had theirs set to a cool 62° F. But what is considered too high? Or, for that matter, too cold (don't want those pipes freezing!)?

Direct Energy, one of North America's largest retail providers of electricity, natural gas, and home/business energy-related services, gave their recommendation on winter thermostat settings. They claim that if someone is at home in the daytime, 72° F is a good start, but that it is best to aim for 68° F.

Thermostat set to 68 degrees, the recommended temperature.
Thermostat set to 68 degrees, the recommended temperature. From Canva

However, they also say that if everyone is away from the house in the daytime, or when you're asleep at night, it is best to lower your thermostat to anywhere between 66° F to 62° F. The benefit of this is that it saves energy AND money! The U.S. Department of Energy claims you can save up to 10% on your heating bills by turning your thermostat down when you're gone or at night.


Ultimately, people are going to set the thermostat to whatever they prefer, and if you live with anyone like my dad-or are just like him-you may just want to invest in some warmer clothes to keep that heating bill low.


Energy-Saving Tips for Cold Weather

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