It's been a sad few years for Boston Market lovers. It used to seem like there were Boston Markets all over the place. Now the chain has dwindled to less than three dozen.

What Happened to Boston Market?

Originally called Boston Chicken, the fast casual chain first opened in Boston in 1985 and expanded from there. The restaurant focused on rotisserie chicken and a variety of side dishes.

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Boston Market, Facebook
Boston Market, Facebook

In 1995, more items like turkey, meatloaf, and ham were added and the restaurant was renamed Boston Market.

As of 2020, there were approximately 346 Boston Market locations across the U.S. At the start of 2023, the restaurant still had about 300 locations.

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Boston Market, Facebook
Boston Market, Facebook

A lot has changed since then.

According to QSR Magazine, Boston Market owner Jay Pandya and filed for personal bankruptcy for a second time in Feb. 2024. Following that, the company lost an $11.9 million lawsuit to one of its distributors, US Foods, which sued Boston Market for unpaid bills. There's also an ongoing case with US Foods totaling more than $30 million.

The Takeout reports that as of March 2024, just 27 Boston Markets remain standing. The majority of the restaurants in operation appear to be in Pennsylvania and New York, that's according to Boston Market's website though, which may not actually be accurate.

Are There Any Boston Markets Left in Michigan?

I say the company's website may not be accurate, because it does still list one Michigan Boston Market location - on Mack Road in Grosse Point Woods. However, Google lists that location as permanently closed.

According to Crain's Business Detroit, the chain "quietly" closed all of its metro Detroit locations in fall of 2023.

I remember a Boston Market in Holland, Mich. According to the Holland Sentinel, it shut down in 2022.

There used to be one on 28th St. in Wyoming - but the most recent photo I can find on Google Street View is from 2008.

So, as far as I can tell -  no, there are no longer any Boston Market restaurants in Michigan. Did you used to have one in your town?

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