Well, here we are.

It's my final day at WITL. I really can't say 'thank you' enough for all of the sweet messages and well wishes I've gotten from lots of you over the last couple of weeks. And thank you so much for ALL of the fun we've had together over the last 22 years.

To my friend and partner in crime, Banana Don, we sure have had some great times through the years and I’m going to miss you tons. Thanks for making the last 18 years feel more like fun than work.

To Chris Tyler, thanks for being my rock and always having my back. (Did y’all know that Chris and I are married in ‘real life’?) Yep, it’s true! (:

I found some pictures in my phone from some past events, appearances  and whatever else and I thought I'd share some with you. (I usually delete a lot of my 'work' pictures so I was surprised to find these...and there's exactly 22 of them...how fitting!) (:

Thanks again WITL family. You're the best and I'll always have a special place in my heart for you. It's not goodbye...it's see ya later!

Stephanie McCoy

P.S. If you missed the original news, I'm headed to WILX News 10 to co-host a show with Sarah Swistak called "Studio 10". You can read more about that by clicking here. :)

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