Last week we told you it was possible. Now, we're telling you it's probable.

According to the the Detroit Free Press, the Space Weather Prediction Center (which is a real thing - not just something your know-it-all neighbor heard about from a guy in a bar) now reveals data that suggests - if you're way up north this weekend, you'll probably see the aurora borealis, after midnight on Saturday night/Sunday morning. Of course, the best place to see them would be Copper Harbor, or someplace north of Houghton in the Keenawaw Peninsula, but you'll probably see them if you're as far north as Marquette and you may still get a glimpse down around Mackinaw City. The weather should cooperate with clear to partly cloudy skies.

Check out the 3-Day Aurora map from SWPC (as your neighbor calls it). They're forecasting a Kp index of 5 for Saturday night, which is good sign for the northern lights to be seen in northern Michigan.

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