If I had a donut for every time I stood at the donut case with a piece of wax paper and a donut box at the old Quality Dairy in Holt, well, that would be a lot of donuts. Unfortunately for all of us QD fans, the location at the corner of Cedar and Aurelius has been closed for some time due to that electrical fire that happened there last year.

But here's a bright spot in an otherwise dark world in Holt where there are no Long Johns (the ones with icing in the middle and not Bavarian cream). The QD is coming back to it's original location! In fact, they're breaking ground tomorrow afternoon at 4:30! It looks like it'll be ready to open around December of this year.

And here's the deal, according to a press release from King Media, the new Quality Dairy is going to feature new stuff too! Like a brand new interior, QD Quick Delivery, a Corner Creamery with outdoor seating and check this out...a drive up window!

That's right...A. Drive. Up. Window! How cool is that?

So come December, I'm gonna be the guy at the drive up window saying..."It's been too long, I'll take three dozen Long Johns...that's right...but I want the ones with icing in the middle and not that Bavarian cream stuff..."

Get more info from the Quality Dairy Facebook page, where I got the photo above of what the new Holt store is going to look like.

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