Last summer there was some discussion about having a favorite tree in the Lansing area. Why? Well, I was wondering if I was the only person to have a favorite tree. I found out then, that nope, I wasn't the only person that had a favorite tree. As a matter of fact, several people posted photos of their favorite tree. You can click here to see some of the 'favorite tree' pictures that were submitted last summer and read more about where my favorite tree is located.

According to our very unscientific research, it seems that one of the more popular trees in the Lansing area is actually located near the intersection of Meridian Road and Noble Road. (It's the one in the picture.) Anyway, according to my sources (Nicole) it appears that recently there was a close call for that specific tree. Nicole sent me a message that said that "the Ingham County Road Commission was cutting a bunch of trees on Meridian Road by my parents house and the "perfect tree" was on the list to go down." Nicole went on to explain, however, that after some careful consideration, it was determined that "the tree is a safe distance from the road and the property owner doesn't want it cut." Whew! That was close!

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