Earlier this week on the Banana and Stephanie Facebook page, I asked if people had a favorite tree. I wanted to know because I do have a favorite tree and wanted to see if other people did as well. And I'm happy to report, that yes indeed, our listeners DO have some favorite trees!

My favorite is on I-69 southbound down by Olivet. I had my son take a picture of my favorite tree (he was in the passenger seat) when we were driving by it last week. Both limbs used to “reach out” until one of them recently broke off. Apparently, I'm not the only one who has noticed this specific tree as one of listeners actually named it Merlin and said it looks like an ancient wizard. I included the photo of my favorite tree in the photo gallery below and also added photos from some of our listeners of their favorite trees in the area. It seems that the big tree at Meridian and Noble Road is a local favorite!

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