Faster Horses Music Festival is going to be taking over Michigan International Speedway in less than two weeks.

But just because we are so close to show time, it doesn't mean that changes can't happen to the lineup. And... that's exactly what happened.

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Michigan's premier country music festival is going to see a little change in the lineup on Sunday night. 

An Artist Has Dropped Out of the Lineup for Faster Horses

Ernest is not going to be performing.

Earlier this morning (Tuesday, July 9th), Ernest made a post to his social media to explain why he's going to be taking some time off.

Ernest is going to be taking the next month off to spend some much needed and well deserved time with his family.

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Looking at the comment section of this post, I was really worried that I was going to see some nasty comments about him missing shows. But all the comments were really positive and praising him for making the right decision. It was really lovely to see.

If that post wasn't enough to make it official, Ernest's website has been updated to show the nest tour stop as August 8th in Ohio, and the Faster Horses website has been updated to reflect the change too.

At this time, it's not said whether or not Faster Horses will look/are looking to replace Ernest. I guess we'll have to wait and see. But regardless, we'll find out on Sunday, July 21st.

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