For years, scientists working at huge radio telescopes trained on objects in space billions of light years away, have encountered rogue radio signals called perytons. Scientists wondered where these signals were coming from - at first they thought they might be from deep space? Then, according to,  they found out they were coming from somewhere closer. An undiscovered phenomenon here on earth? Or was it a problem with their equipment? It was none of the above.

As a matter of fact, the perytons were coming from nearby microwave ovens.

Usually around lunchtime. That's how sensitive those radio telescopes are.

Which is why, if you work at a radio telescope, searching for advanced civilizations with some of the most cutting edge hardware known to mankind - you can't bring your cellphone to work, or have microwave popcorn as a snack. Unless you build a Faraday cage around it. Sad. So, if you like "Hot Pockets", don't go into the field of cosmology. And also, don't open the microwave until the timer goes off (you'll find out why in the story).

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