Mild winters, while they might be a nice break sometimes from harsh temperatures, aren't so mild to our Michigan roads.

According to the MDOT website, throughout these times of "unseasonably warm temperatures", Michigan roads are way more susceptible to damage. During these warming periods, roads "begin to thaw from the surface downward, and the melting snow and ice saturate the ground." And since the roadbed is now soft, potholes and other damage are way more likely to occur.

MDOT Engineer of Operations, Mark Geib, says "the quicker we know about where potholes are forming, the sooner we can get them patched." Yes, patches don't last very long, but it should hold us over until it gets warmer, and then stays warmer. MDOT covers any potholes that you might come across on any of the "I-", "US-", and "M-" routes. To report a bad pothole, you can...

  • Call MDOT Pothole Hotline (888) 296-4546
  • Visit the MDOT "Report a Pothole" website,
  • Call the MDOT Transportation Service Center (517) 373-2090

Get more info HERE.

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