Everyone loves a good selfie amiright? Some people think the key to the best selfie is the angle, but I'm gonna have to disagree here. Personally, I think it's the location. I've taken some not so great photos where I look dumpy or a little rough around the edges like Regina George did after she was hit by a bus in Mean Girls, but the background or location made up for it. Even if you're not super into selfies, everyone loves a good scenic picture.

Here's some of the best selfie spots in Michigan...

1. Tahquamenon Falls

Tahquamenon Falls is in Paradise and it's the perfect time to go! It's absolutely beautiful this time of year with all the leaves changing. Plus, who doesn't love a good waterfall shot? Tahquamenon Falls has two sets of water falls to pick from. Just be careful cause the last time I tried to take a picture near a waterfall, it ended up with me taking a tumble and ripping my pants.

2. Turnip Rock

Turnip Rock in Port Austin is probably one of my favorites. I mean, have you seen it? It's super cool. It takes a little extra traveling to get to because you'll have to use a kayak or boat to get there. If you want the best picture, I'd suggest going before sunrise or waiting for the sun to set because there's nothing better than morning or afternoon skies in Michigan.

3. Sleeping Bear Dunes

The good ol' Sleeping Bear Dunes National Lakeshore in Empire. I haven't been here in a hot minute but it's one of my favorite places! This is the best place for some great candid action shots because there's tons of stuff to do. If you want to snap a great scenic picture, check out the Empire Bluff hiking trail, it overlooks everything!

4. Mackinac Bridge

Last but not least, the classic Mackinac Bridge in Mackinac City picture. Are you really a Michigander if you haven't taken a picture of the the bridge? This is another place that's great to take pictures at during a sunset because the bridge will be lit! Mackinac City should just be called selfie city because there's tons of stuff to do there. I think I have more vacation pictures in Mackinac City than I do anywhere else.

Like I said, if you're not super into selfies, you'll still enjoy the aesthetic of these places. Plus, they're all in different areas of Michigan, so you have tons of places to visit. Everyone loves a good road trip!

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