I'm not one to turn down a great bargain, but Black Friday sales are getting a little ridiculous with their start times. To me, Thanksgiving is for family. So I'm so glad to hear the Meridian Mall has decided to ACTUALLY WAIT to start their Black Friday deals, On. Black. Friday.

According to the Lansing State Journal, the decision was made after hearing feedback from employees, customers, and retailers. "Employees being away from their family played in on the decision," said the mall's general manager, Todd Huhn. He also mentioned how Black Friday Sales keep "getting earlier and earlier", and I agree. Toys "R" Us opens at 5 pm on Thanksgiving; Wal-Mart opens at 6 pm.

By waiting until Black Friday to begin the Black Friday deals, Huhn is hoping more excitement will return to one of the biggest shopping days of the year as well. Read more about the decision HERE

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