We have all been to our share of haunted houses over the years, but I have to say I am not as eager to go through one now as I was as a kid.  For one thing, they are way more advanced now and a lot scarier.

When I lived in Las Vegas there was one called Freakling Brothers and no one under 18 could go through without an adult.  It was crazy, the actors were able to touch and shock you. It was for the true die-hard haunted house fans.

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Well, one thing for sure there is no shortage of plenty of scary Halloween fun here in the mitten. Haunted houses are a cool, fun way for adults and kids to get into the Halloween spirit. There are two in the Lansing area that will have you scared silly if you are up for the challenge according to fox47news.com.


Awaken Haunted Attraction in Leslie is ready if you are up for the challenge, it has 32,000 square feet full of frightful scenes, twists and turns, and unexpected demons lurking around. You will find four attractions that are ready to see if you can hold it together. . From a 3D maze to a creepy haunted house, all the way down to a hotel basement.  I don't do basements, sorry. yikes.

Slaughter House is another over in Fowlerville that is eager to have you visit, It has been there for 19 years.   It started out simple as just a cornfield and then they added trailers for the haunted house. It was a 100-years-old barn at one time.

Whether you wanna play it safe with a hayride and cider or brave a haunted house in the area let's have a fun safe Halloween and then get ready for the holidays.

Also, don't forget we will be turning our clocks back one hour soon on November 7th at 2 am. Make a note of it.

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