In the Umbria region - right in the heart of Italy, they are about to "return the Italian region to the Dark Ages". Will they be shutting off all electricity? No. Will they block the internet? No. Will they be using leeches in surgery? Again, no.

They want to allow bow-hunting for deer (stags, roe deer, red deer - whatever they call critters with antlers there). That's it.

AND, if you want to bow hunt for deer there, you have to pass a rigorous test to prove you can actually shoot straight enough to kill one of their deer, which isn't a bad idea and is the norm even for gun hunters in a lot of Europe. But, (you farmers will love this) you can hunt on anybody's private property there in Umbria. I don't think would go over so well here in Michigan.

And, October 1st is NOT far away now. Good luck to bow-hunters - everywhere.


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