On Saturday we ended up heading to Old Town for lunch and unexpectedly ran into what looked from a distance like a street party on Turner Street. Actually, the event is ScrapFest 11.

ScrapFest 11? What’s that you say? Well, before today…me too.

According to their website:

ScrapFest began as a scrap metal artwork competition, and has grown into a full art festival that focuses on up-cycled and repurposed artwork. Now, the festival has not only the scrap metal sculpture competition, but also eco-art booth vendors, family activities, live music, and food!

For the competition portion, teams get an hour to pick up to 500 lbs (or 250 lbs for the Small Piece category) of metal from Friedland Industries’ processing plant in Old Town Lansing, and then get a month to create a sculpture. The pieces are on display and for sale before, during, and after the festival (with a time-sensitive discount during the festival).


I had never been to ScrapFest before, but it was well worth my time to attend and a pretty cool event. The festival continues today. Get more info about ScrapFest 11 here.

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